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Job hunting and posting

The Hunt:

Hi there,

I'm looking for a job right now and thought maybe people could help. If you 1) know of a good temp agency or two in Ottawa and could give me the name(s) and other any other info I'd need to contact the company(ies) please let me know, 2) know of a good job opportunity, please give what info you have. Thank you, a small amount about my qualifications and what I'm looking for can be found below. Thank you!

I'm thinking that at the moment I'd like a administrative assistant, data entry position, or government position, but I'm not restricting my hunt to only those things. I prefer downtown core or easy access by transit. I'm a decent typist, I have a diploma in business from Algonquin College, I have three years of retail experience and a small amount of experience answering phones, doing data entry, and filing in an office. I, unfortunately, only speak an insignificant amount of French.

The Opportunities:

If anyone is looking for general retail type jobs here are some possibilities I know of: Empire Theatres, World Exchange Plaza may be hiring. This is good part time work for students. I've worked for them in the past and it is a good place to work. Decent breaks, a decent amount off concession combos, and if you aren't working you can get yourself and one other person into movies that aren't pass restricted for free. Also, I'd recommend just looking around the Rideau Centre for help wanted signs. In the west end, Tim Hortons on Baseline is hiring.
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